Squisito Polenta Instant

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Product: Squisito's one minute Instant Polenta has been carefully dried, milled and partially pre-cooked which allows instant preparation. No preservatives or added flavourings or colourings.

Producer: Squisito 

Region: Altamura, Puglia


Producer Info: 
Squisito, meaning “Delicious Pasta” is a pasta company produced in Altamura, Italy. They produce artisan pasta according to local traditions. Squisito use the finest quality durum wheat semolina and extrude their pasta through traditional bronze dies to form a textured pasta with a rough surface, allowing sauces to stick for a more wholesome flavour. Their lengthy, natural drying process takes up to 35 hours to ensure they capture the regional Italian flavours and colours, creating the perfect combination in each dish.