Spring time picnic wine tasting sessions, 17th, 18th Nov & 1st, 2nd Dec
Join us for an Italian inspired picnic wine tasting at Mercato
1:00PM | $40 PER PERSON
Includes a six Italian wines and a tasting plate featuring all the wonderful products you'd expect to see at an Italian picnic table.

As the warmer weather decends upon us, there is no better outdoor activity for an Italian than to enjoy a picnic amongst family, friends and good food & wine of course!
The Italian word for picnic is “scampagnata” which technically means “a countryside outing,” but since those outings nearly always involve food it can also be used to describe a countryside picnic.

Sometimes we don’t always have access to a well-stocked Italian kitchen in which to bake or whip up a pasta dish to bring on a picnic. (And even if you’re renting an apartment, it might be too much of a hassle to have to buy all sorts of staples you’ll barely use just to make one meal.) The good news is that there are still plenty of delicious things you can pick up at your local Italian grocery store, like Mercato!

So come along to this upcoming wine tasting and our dedicated team will show you all the delicious things you could consider when planning your next picnic adventure.

To Drink:
NV SpritzOne
NV Bisol Vaporetto Prosecco
2017 Feudi Bizantini 'Passofino' Pecorino
2017 Lenotti Rosato
2017 Pandolfa 'Federico' Sangiovese
2016 Feudi Bizantini 'Terre dei Rumi' Montepulciano

To Eat:
Mercato Tasting platter;
A delicious selection of cured meats, cheese, grissini and more!