Spinachi Pizza al Taglio

Spinachi Pizza al Taglio: spinach, fresh chilli, olives, red onion, garlic oil, mozzarella

Pizza al Taglio is Rome's most famous street food. Literally translating to 'Pizza by the Slice', it is a thick crust style topped with a variety of ingredients and baked in large rectangular trays. Romans will frequent Pizza al Taglio shops at lunch time and purchase a slice of pizza by weight for pizza on the go.

Our pizza dough is made using a traditional recipe from the mother yeast and left to leaven for 72 hours. This creates an even, light, fluffy and very digestible dough.  

Slice sizes as described are approximately 18x10cm. These slices can easily be halved or quartered in order to cater for a finger food style event. Please just note in the comments section how you would like the slices cut.
Whole = 6 slices
Slab = 12 slices
We recommend approximately 2 slices per person or 1 per person with other catering is purchased as well.
To heat: bake in a pre-heated moderate (180°c) oven until hot (approx 15 minutes)

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