Del Professore Classico Vermouth
Del Professore Classico Vermouth Del Professore Classico Vermouth

Producer: Del Professore

Region: Piemonte, Italy

Producer Info: 

A collaboration between Carlos Quaglia, Federico Ricatto and the  famous Jerry Thomas Speakeasy bar in Rome, the del Professore range is a homage to ‘The Professor’, Jerry Thomas. These stunning and affordable vermouths and gins are currently used in some of the most prestigious bars in Rome, Paris, NYC and now Australia!

Tasting note:

The luxurious amber colour of the Vermouth del Professore Classico is reminiscent of Marsala and the aromas on the nose fluctuate between hints of the liquorice and bitterness in absinthe, dried straw, mahogany and tea infusions. The medicinal quality in the flavour of the alcohol and its continual underlying bitterness manages to keep in balance with the refreshing flavours of herbs and spices, and is complemented by sweeter notes of ginger and citrus peel, making the Vermouth both slightly bitter and slightly sweet.


The recipe and method for mixing the wine, alcohol and herbs and spices for this vermouth is highly intricate and complicated. The basis for the vermouth is a Moscato Bianco Langarolo wine to which a pure and meticulously refined alcohol is added along with about fifteen different aromatic and medicinal herbs gathered from alpine slopes surrounding Turin. The sugar added to the vermouth is minimally refined, natural cane sugar.

Alcohol (%): 18%