Producer: Farnese Vigneti del Vulture


Region: Basilicata


Producer Info:


The Farnese house is one of those wine houses that possess a multitude of vineyards spread all over Italy. The Vulture vineyard stretches over a vast territory in the far north of the region of Basilicata, this vineyard is dominated by the austere profile of the volcano Monte Vulture. For centuries, the volcanoes of the region were the source of destruction and death for the surrounding lands. But farmers in this region are now largely compensated for the damage caused by the eruptions of past centuries! They are fortunate enough to be able to cultivate vineyards on this volcanic soil, a source of incomparable richness and minerality, which brings to the grapes of this domain their exclusive and authentic complexity. Those who settled there have struggled for millennia to provide for their needs and manage to tame these lands, this is how grapes such as Aglianico and Grecco have been able to prove their ability to adapt to these rich and hostile soils!


Tasting Note:


Bright raspberry pink. To the nose hints of cherry, sour black cherry and pansy. Elegant wine, with persistent floral finish.


Alcohol (%): 12.5%