Perbellini Amaretti Biscotti


Product Description: Authentic Amaretti biscuit made with bitter almonds, sugar and egg white. These biscotti can be enjoyed with a coffee, gelato or even whipped in mascarpone.

Producer: Perbellini

Region: Veneto

Size: 180g

Producer Info: In 1891, Giovanni Battista Perbellini founded Perbellini after he created the company’s flagship product - a traditional Veronese cake known as the Ofella d’Oro. Since its establishment, the company has become known as one of the finest, Italian boutique pastry houses. Perbellini’s artisanal range of classic Italian favourites, such as the Panettone and Pandoro, and luxurious innovations are a testament to their dedication for care and quality. Beautifully packaged, you won’t want to gift these and keep it for yourself.