Orto D'Autore Fichi Spread

Product Description: 100% fig fruit spread with fruit sugars only, prepared only from whole fruit or pieces

Producer: Orto D'Autore

Region: Molise

Ingredients: figs (100%), grape sugar, lemon juice.
Thickener: pectin.

Size: 340g

Producer Info: Orto d’Autore, a family-run farm in the Molise region in Italy, produces the finest sauces, pestos, passata and fruit preparations. The company was created from the love of one particular tradition: each summer in the small Molise town of Ururi, families would gather to make traditional tomato passata. From this, the wives of the D’Arienzo brothers, a family known as expert growers of tomatoes and other Molise products, decided to further their traditions into the Orto D’Autore company. The D’Arienzo family’s strong experience within the agricultural field, and their commitment to tradition, each play a crucial part in the Orto D’Autore company. From these traditional beginnings we can now enjoy Orto d’Autore in our meals right here in Adelaide. Buona cucina!