MUZZI - Panforte (hand wrapped) 300g

Producer: Muzzi

Product: Panforte (Italian fruits & nuts cake)

Region: Perugia

Producer Info: 

In 1795, Tommaso, son of Filippo Muzzi, undertook the sweet profession of the confectioner. His baked goods were the favourites of the local nobles. Today  Antica Pasticceria Muzzi is a successful leader in the high volume pastry market.  

Muzzi likes to mix tradition and artisan techniques with modern production concepts by combining cutting-edge machineries in its production and secret recipes that have been perfected over the years. Using gorgeous and unique designs in their packaging - Muzzi believes that what you see on the outside is equally as important as the delicious treat that is on the inside. 


Tasting note:

Similar texture to a sticky date pudding, this cake is enriched with a generous amount of fruits and nuts.

Size: 300g