Moretti Polenta
Moretti Polenta Moretti Polenta

Moretti Polenta Bramata 500g

Yellow corn is air-dried in the Moretti barns and then stone-ground to produce this traditional polenta. This particular ‘Bramata’ polenta style from the Moretti family is yellow and coarsely textured with a cooking time of between 40 - 50 minutes.

Moretti Buckwheat & Corn Polenta 500g
Taragna Polenta is yellow cornmeal mixed with coarse-ground buckwheat. It originates in Italy's Alpine region like the Valtellina in Northern Lombardy. Cooking time 30-40 min
Moretti White Corn Polenta 500g
White corn polenta comes from the Veneto region especially around Padua. It has a fine texture and delicate flavour. Cooking time 30-50 mins.
Moretti Quick Polenta 500g
Polenta Lampo translates to Lightning Polenta as it the corn meal has been partially steamed, so that cooking time has become significantly shorter, approximately 8 minutes. Other than that, it has the same flavour and properties as Polenta Bramata.