ADI Chestnut flower honey

Producer: ADI apicoltura

Product: Chestnut flower honey 

Region: Tornareccio, Abruzzo

Producer Info: 

The small town of Tornareccio is known as the captial of honey production in Abruzzo due to the efforts of the Iacovanelli family. The families history of apicoltura (beekeeping) started from humble beginnings 150 years ago as a way to support the family. Taking this knowledge and experience Dario Iacovanelli established ADI (an acronym for apicoltura Dario Iacovanelli) in 1982. The company specialises in the production of single varietal honey by placing hives within the desired crop during the peak flowering season. Crops of specific flowers are sourced from across all of Italy. All harvest areas are organic to ensure the quality of the honey produced. The family only removes the minimal amount of honey to ensure the health of the hive.

Tasting note:

This honey is produced by placing hives in to natural chestnut forests during the flowering season of June and July. The forests are located in the low alpine regions of Piedmont and Lombady as well as the ancient Reventino groves in Calabria. The resulting honey is a dark golden brown, sticky to the touch and high in fructose (which prevents crystallisation). The flavour is intense with a slight bitter after taste and a pungent herbaceous aroma. This honey is best served with cheese but can also add an alluring element to sweets.


Honey (raw, unpasturized and unflitered)

Size: 250g