Mercato Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mercato Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mercato Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Producer: Elisi Grove for Mercato

Product: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Producer Information: 
Elisi Grove is situated in Woodlane South Australia, in a fertile plain between the Adelaide Hills and Murray River. Owned by husband and wife team with a passion for producing the highest quality, healthiest and most flavoursome olive oil, they are involved in every step of the process from growing and picking to pressing and blending. For our Mercato olive oil a signature blend of different estate grown olive varieties was created specially to suit the versatile needs of our customers. All oils undergo laboratory testing to ensure the reading of fatty acids sits at 0.1%. This is essential for healthy quality oil.

Tasting Notes: 
Hints of fresh herbs and citrus with buttery textures and finishing with a hint of pepper and balanced bitterness. This is a pantry staple oil, versatile enough to be used for cooking as well as in dressings and other recipes.

Type: A blend of the oil from Signore, Barnea, Frantoio and Corotina olives

Size: 750ml, 2L

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