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At Mercato Vino, we are privileged to announce that owner of Noelia Ricci, Marco Cirese, will be joining us on Thursday the 18th of July, for an intimate and educational wine night. Join us in this unique experience and discover the history of Noelia Ricci and the Pandolfa estate.  Indulge in an Italian inspired grazing plate + hot goods, while uncovering the flavours of several reds.  On the night, guests will have the privilege to meet the maker, as well as engage with a community that all share the same passion…Italian vino!

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Noelia Ricci

A bit of history on the family…

Noelia Ricci is a project started in 2010 within Pandolfa, an estate rich in history and stretching over an area of 140 hectares at the foot of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennies, just a few kilometres away from Predappio.

From 1626 to 1941 the estate was owned by Marchesi Albicini. In 1941 the property was taken over by Commentator Giuseppe Ricci, an entrepreneur from Forli. In the years of WWII, Pandolfa’s happy times came to an abrupt end, going from the Marchesi’s holiday home to the tragic events of the war period.

The estate was occupied by the Germans and then attacked by the Polish army, while its cellars were opened to give shelter to refugees. In the fifties, after peace was finally restored, Giuseppe Ricci undertook extensive renovation works on the estate, encouraging the involvement of famous local artists, who created works of art honouring the land’s heritage and history. Ricci also focused on the estate’s agricultural production, very important in the past, he bought two adjoining farms and, after years during which he totally modified the land’s orography, he planted the first vines of Sangiovese, Trebbiano and Albana grapes.


Upon Ricci’s death in 1980, his daughter Noelia, after whom the whole project was named after, was the first to realize the potential of these hills and, guided by her vision, she started planting new vineyards and building a winery. Pandolfa is now owned by Noelia’s granddaughter, Paola Piscopo, who used all her enthusiasm to restore the estate to the role it deserves in the area.

Today, one of her children, Macro Cirese, a fourth-generation member of the family, has picked up the threads of this story, with the intention of transforming with winery in a place of excellence, weaving together the family’s history and that of the land and engaging in an ongoing dialogue with local traditions and native grape varieties.


The story of Noelia Ricci

Noelia Ricci is a dream translated into vision. Respecting the land’s natural inclination and going back to the way farmers used to make Sangiovese wine in Romagna, in the area of Predappio. In 2010 Marco began working on the new zoning project. He chose the 7 top hectares, 9 at present, which represent a rare, if not unique, example of Chateaux in the Romagna region. He put together a new team ad through mutual understanding and empath, they found a new way to communicate and tell this story.


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