Producer: Marco Sara

Region: Savorgnano Del Torre, Friuli-Venezia

 Producer Info: Marco Sara wines come from the passion and commitment of Marco and his wife Sandra who since 1999 have decided to follow up on their dream of producing wine in the eastern hills of Friuli.

Simplicity, passion and understanding factors are unique and compelling that led these two passionate winemakers to create a winery emphasizing the relationship between man and nature.

The Cabernet Franc "Frank" was born by a 20 day of maceration in stainless with indigenous yeasts and ferments in second passage barriques, where he remained for 12 months. The "Frank" by Marco Sara impresses with its fascinating aromatic framework that gives way to aromas of mint and wild herbs, roots and china; comes with a natural ease and a dynamism that make it really attractive.

Tasting Note: Intense ruby red colours in the glass. Notes of mint, wild herbs, roots and china on the nose. Intense and elegant aromas with a peppery finish.

Alcohol (%): 13.5%