Majani Tortellino Tin

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Product Description: A gift box of assorted sweet and creamy white, milk and dark chocolate Tortellini. They were created to showcase the link between Majani and the Bolognese gastronomic tradition. 

Producer: Majani

Region: Bologna, Italy

Size: 500g

Producer Information: Steeped in history since 1796, Majani began in a tiny workshop by Teresina Majani in the city centre of Bologna. Initially known as the Laboratory of Sweet Things, Majani started producing chocolate classics and little did they know, succession was about to transpire. We have the crumbly, rich dark Scorza (bark, in English), the first ever solid Italian chocolate invented in 1832. Over time, Majani became all the hype with the establishment of a quality product line and solid reputation. Majani continues to champion the confectionery game with their premium products through following original family recipes and enduring a thorough production method. Yesterday, Today, Majani.