Majani Fiat Assorted Cremini
Majani Fiat Assorted Cremini Majani Fiat Assorted Cremini Majani Fiat Assorted Cremini

Product: Classic Cremini in assorted flavours (classic, noir & extra noir) 

A piece with Mercato: This collection has it all, and really ups the ante on the Classic four layer Majani Cremini. The addition of the Noir and Extra Noir adds bite to the sweetness with velvety cocoa paste and dark chocolate flavours.

Producer: Majani

Region: Alba, Piemonte

Product Information: The Classic is Majani’s original four layer Cremino with alternating silky almond and hazelnut layers.  The Noir contains three layers of deliciously velvety almond, hazelnut and cocoa paste. Topping off this great collection is the Extra Noir, containing three layers of deliciously velvety cocoa paste and almond.

Producer Information: With origins dating back to Bologna in the late 1700s, Majani is a truly iconic Italian chocolate maker.  Renowned worldwide for the Majani Scorza, Italy’s first solid chocolate, and the classic four-layered Cremino FIAT, first created in 1911 as the winning entry to a competition celebrating the release of the FIAT Tipo 4 car. Today, Majani continues to create chocolate masterpieces, following traditional production methods and original recipes passed on by the family across many generations. 

Size: 182g (18 pieces) or 486g (48 pieces)