Loison Colomba Mandarino
Loison Colomba Mandarino Loison Colomba Mandarino

Product: A traditional light and fluffy colomba cake with pieces of Sicilian mandarin and sultanas topped with an almond and sugar grain glaze.

Producer: Loison

Region: Veneto

Size: 500g

Producer Info: Simple origins, genuine products: bread baked in wooden ovens, the traditional sweets of Veneto. From here starts the history of the Loison family, who started out their business near the end of the 30s and Tranquillo, the grandfather, was the first to fall in love with the art of bread making and later passed it on to his son, Alexander. Together they transformed the bakery into a real and proper family business, inaugurating a new shop in 1969.

The Company, now lead by Dario, Tranquillo’s nephew, takes on an international dimension from 1992 onwards. Their pastries, made with carefully selected ingredients, are exported in various countries in Europe and all over the world for an increasingly fond and exigent public. Constant hand-crafted passion as well as managerial abilities: this is Dario Loison’s recipe for the third millennium.