Let's Eat Italy
Let's Eat Italy Let's Eat Italy Let's Eat Italy Let's Eat Italy

'Everything You Want to Know About Your Favourite Cuisine'

Product Descriptor: This celebration of Italian food in the form of an oversized, obsessively complete, visual feast of a book. With a mix of gastronomy, food science, history, cultural references, legend, lore, charts, graphs, photos, and illustrations, every one of the 400 pages in Let’s Eat Italy! is an alluring and amusing journey into Italian food.

Readers will find recipes for classic Italian dishes spanning all regions, like pappa al pomodoro, Bolognese, risi e bisi, risotto, focaccia, frittata, and so much more—all accompanied by photos and delightfully entertaining information on the origins and modern uses of the foods. There’s an ode to the panettone, the traditional Christmas sweet delight. A dedication to basil, Italy’s “royal” herb. And, a love story between pasta and potatoes that examines the many dishes that marry these two starches in harmony. 

Author: Francois-Regis Gaudry