La Narval Sardines in Olive Oil

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Product: Spanish sardines preserved in a mild olive oil. Small but mighty. Put one sardine atop a slice of tomato or bread - or both - and dress with olive oil from the tin. Garnish with a sprig of parsley. For breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Producer: Conservas La Narval

Region: Galicia, Spain

Size: 120g

Producer Info: In the northwest of Spain lies Galicia; dotted with little bays, small fishing fleets and home to the family-owned conservas company, La Narval. Founded in 1966 in the Ría de Arousa, where the most exquisite Spanish seafood is captured, La Narval is currently run by the third generation. 

La Narval represents everything we love about artisan Spanish producers. The seafood is caught just outside the factory door, meticulously cleaned and packed by hand. Their sauces are made according to family recipes using local ingredients and well, the flavours are exceptional.