Jam Factory ‘KINK’ vinegar bottle

Producer: Deb Jones for the JamFactory

Product: Vinegar decanter

Region: Adelaide, Australia

Producer Info: 

The JamFactory is South Australia’s premier supporter and promoter of art and design. A state government initiative lead to the establishment of the institution in 1973 and since that time the JamFactory has become world renowned for the cultivation and education of fine craftsmen. 

One of the artists to undergo training though the JamFactory is New South Wales born Deb Jones. Deb is now a significant glass artist with works displayed in the National Gallery of Victoria and The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.


The KINK vinegar bottle is made using traditional glass blowing techniques. Working together as a synchronised team, glassblowers gather molten glass from the furnace on the end of a steel blow-pipe. The form is blown to the desired size using calipers to measure the length and width. The bottle is then transferred or ‘puntied’ to another steel rod to enable the lip of the bottle to be finished. Finally, the neck of the bottle is gently heated with a torch while constantly rotating – the kink is formed by gravity when the rotation stops. The design and production process ensures that each piece is unique. The simple kink in the neck emphasises the function of the bottle as well as the material qualities of hand-blown glass – it also adds a sense of delight to the ergonomics of pouring.