Granoro Manitoba "0" flour
Granoro Manitoba "0" flour Granoro Manitoba "0" flour

Producer: GRANORO

Product: Manitoba '0' Flour

Region: Corato, Puglia

Producer Info:

Granoro originated in 1967 as a pasta manufacturer in the region of Puglia, Italy, a region renowned since Roman times for growing the best durum wheat. Founded by master pasta maker Attilio Mastromauro and his wife Chiara and now operated by their daughters Marina and Daniela, Granoro's dedication to innovation and quality have made the brand recognisable across the world.

Tasting note:

Manitoba flour is a type "0" strong wheat flour made from wheat typically grown in North America. Indeed, Manitoba takes its name from the area of production, a vast province in Canada, which is in turn named after the Indigenous land owners. Manitoba wheat is unique in it's ability to thrive in harsh cold climates.

This flour is perfect for the baking of recipes requiring long rising times. It is best prepared with a starter yeast and left to rise for long periods, up to 12 hours for a small amount of yeast or 4 to 6 hours for larger additions. Manitoba flour is ideal for preparing panettone and pandoro, bread, choux pastries, risen cakes, babas, thicker pizza bases, croissant, doughnuts and focaccia alla Genovese.

Size: 1kg