Gelato by Linda Tubby
Gelato by Linda Tubby Gelato by Linda Tubby Gelato by Linda Tubby

Gelato, Ice Creams and Sorbets

Product Descriptor: Over 30 ice cream, sorbet and iced dessert recipes

Gelato, sorbets and ice creams is jam packed full of your classic Italian ice cream recipes. these heart melting favourites will leave you feeling refreshed
all year round, as ice cream is not just for the summer. You will not believe how it all began with Italian ices as this unique recipe books takes you through the
historical values of ice cream. But this book takes no prisoners with its strict rules when freezing your scrumptious deserts, ensuring you have the easiest of times in the kitchen. After all, simpler is better when it comes to food preparation.

Say arrivederci to your old ice cream maker and ciao to easy ice cream making, just about anyone can make these tasty favourites. Whether it's
fun in the sun, or a night in by the fire, these glorious creations are perfect for any occasion.

Author: Linda Tubby