2019 Fratelli Revello Langhe Nebbiolo

Producer: Fratelli Revello


Region: La Morra, Piedmonte


Producer Info:


The Annunziata village lies at the South-Easternmost point of La Morra, in the Langhe’s West. Here, the rolling hills are covered in Nebbiolo vines on the Southern slopes, their feet deep in the calcerous marl which typifies this upper section of the Barolo DOCG. Home to the most prestigious vineyards in the commune, Annunziata is well recognised as a very unique parcel of La Morra, not only for being the gateway to the beautiful township, but also as the apex of La Morra, Barolo township to the South and Castiglione Falletto to the East. Indeed, in the best years the wines from here express not only the svelte, truffled nuances typical to La Morra, but also the balance and sweet fruited lift of its neighbours.


Enzo Revello is an extremely calm, well natured man of Annunziata. Though Enzo prescribes to less traditional winemaking – shorter ferments, macerations and very fine French oak for some wines – the work in the vineyard is his legacy. Unfortunately, organic classification is almost impossible to obtain in Barolo thanks to the proximity of neighbouring vineyards; but even still, Enzo continues to maintain strict organic farming principles in each of their vineyards, even the Dolcetto and Barbera, but especially for the cru Barolo. This is a central belief of the estate, which was actually the first in the district to farm using many organic practices that are now being followed by their neighbours.


“I want to allow the fruit to talk to the drinker” Enzo says about his techniques in both the vineyard and winery. Specifically referring to the short, closed circuit fermentation and skin contact, “Oxygen is completely necessary for Nebbiolo, that’s why we need to use oak, but I believe that when the wine is fermenting (and macerating) it’s better to keep it away from too much air. Some others may not think it’s the best way, but it’s my way”


Tasting Note:


Wine presents an intense, ruby red hue in the glass. Very fruit-driven, vinous, red fruits present on the nose with good structure and acidity reflected on the palate.


Alcohol (%): 14%