Producer: Fraccaro

Product: Panettone with Marron Glace (chestnuts)

Region: Veneto

Producer Info: 

Fraccaro Spumadoro was set up in 1932, when Elena and Giovanni Fraccaro established a bakery within the town walls of Castelfranco Veneto, thus starting a confectionery tradition with a promising future.

The bakery also produced a good reputation for its well-known confectionery specialties. Following the success of the first bakery, shortly after the war, a second bakery was opened in Borgo Pieve. It is specialized in the production of fragrant focaccias (flat breads), panettones and plum cakes.

The Fraccaro Pandoro and Panettone are made once each year, with production for Australia coming first off the line (to allow it time to arrive on our shores). We are taking pre-orders for the next week only and expect     delivery here late October, so please get in touch to reserve your allocation of some of the most fragrant and delicious Christmas cakes you'll ever taste .

Tasting note:

Soft dough enriched with pieces of candied chestnuts and stuffed with an enveloping marron glacé cream, a harmony of aromas and flavors.


Ingredients: wheat flour, candied chestnuts 20%(chestnuts pieces, sugar, glucose – fructose sirup, natural vanilla flavour), eggs, butter, sugar, egg yolk, natural yeast (wheat), milk, emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, glucose syrup,flavourings, cocoa butter, salt.

Size: 750g