Filotea Spinach Fettuccine 250g

Product Description: Egg Pasta - Spinach Flavoured Fettuccine

Producer: Filotea

Region: Marche, Italy

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, eggs (27%), wheat flour, spinach (3%).
May contain molluscs and soybeans.

Size: 250g

Producer Info: Produced following an ancient recipe from the Marche region, Filotea egg pasta was created with one main objective - to reproduce genuine pasta, authentic to what was lovingly and traditionally made by grandmothers for Sunday meals with all the family. Essential to Filotea’s unique product, is their artisanal style of manufacturing. Their product is incredibly light and easy to digest, while the textured surfaces deliciously absorb sauces, elevating the flavour of each ingredient. Filotea’s ode to the past and willingness to innovate, combine to create delectable and unforgettable egg pasta – they really have perfected the authentic Italian taste.