Fiasconaro Torrone

Producer: Fiasconaro

Product: Sicilian torrone (nougat) in a variety of flavours. 

Region: Sicily 

Producer Info: 

It was in 1953 when Mario Fiasconaro, Fausto, Martino and Nicola Fiasconaro father start working as an ice-cream dealer and pastry chef.

At that time fridges didn’t exist. Ice cream were prepared with snow, which was stored to prepare ice creams. 

The three brothers Fausto, Martino e Nicola, little more than children, helping in the free time, started to learn the craft. Today Fiasconaro brothers head the company that bears their name: Fausto is the showroom manager, Martino leads the administration, Nicola is the awards-winning pastry chef,.

Fiasconaro is a modern and continuously expanding company. The love for tastes of the land, the respect for the rhythms of nature, the unstoppable faith in tradition, have never made submit them to the lure of industrial production on large scale.

Size: 150g Bar