Fiasconaro Torroncini Siciliani

Product: Assorted soft nougat in a variety of flavours (pistachio, lemon, orange and dark chocolate). Presented in an octagonal gift box. 

A bite with Mercato: This gorgeous gift showcases the truly great selection of flavours including classic pistachio, rich dark chocolate and the Italian specialty of mixing citrus flavours into the best sweets: lemon and orange!

Producer: Fiasconaro

Region: Sicily, Italy

Product Information: Torrone is a traditional Italian nougat that is typically eaten around the Christmas period, but can be enjoyed any time of year.

Producer Information: Established 1953 in Castelbuono, Fiasconaro is a family company with its roots still firmly placed in the town. From its humble beginnings as a small ice-cream store, Mario Fiasconaro built the business into what it is known for today - Sicilian High Pastry. Mario’s son’s, Fausto, Martino and Nicola Fiasconaro, were around the store as children, learning and absorbing business operations and, importantly, the craft. Today, Fiasconaro is run by the three brothers. Fiasconaro is especially famous for their panettone, a traditional dessert of Northern Italy, and their partnership with Dolce&Gabbana is legendary. Look out for their beautiful packaging ahead of Christmas!

Size: 250g