Fabbri Panettone Amarena


Product Description: Traditional Panettone cake with dark amarena cherries. Originally from Milan, Panettone is a traditional Italian sweet bread. Enjoyed at Christmas time, the Panettone’s distinctive tall, dome appearance is fondly recognised across Italy. Slices of Panettone are typically eaten for breakfast in Italy during the holiday season.

Producer: Fabbri

Region: Bologna, Italy

Size: 1kg

Producer Info: At the beginning of the 20th century, Gennaro Fabbri gave his wife Rachele a beautiful jar, specially created by the Faenza ceramist Riccardo Gatti: a little gift to thank her for her latest culinary creation.

Unbeknown to our company’s founder and his wife Rachele, they had just given birth to a unique style, full of flavour and sweetness, which was then passed down from one generation to the next until the present day.

Rachel’s intuition combined with Gennaro’s input, as in the best of alchemies, to transform that idea into a successful product. And thus it is that a dessert, a fruit and a jar – with its unmistakable Faenza white and blue – have today become the symbol of Fabbri 1905 in Italy and in over 100 countries worldwide.