Elisi Grove First Press EVOO - Signore

Producer: Elisi Grove

Product: Limited Edition First Press  Extra Virgin Olive Oil made with 100% Signore olives

Producer Information: 

Elisi Grove is situated in Woodlane South Australia, in a fertile plain between the Adelaide Hills and Murray River. Husband and wife duo embody a passion of producing the highest quality olive oil through a small two-phase press. The freshest, purest and most aromatic olive oil pours into awaiting amphoras, where a small portion is immediately saved as a cloudy and pure First Press. The remainder settles organically into the fragrant and herbal silky-smooth green and gold liquid. The producers are involved in every step of the process from growing and picking to pressing and blending. 

Tasting Notes: 

Fresh garden notes with green tomato, hints of tropical fruits and herbs, rounding out to a peppered finish. The ideal oil to add to a risotto, mixed salad or caponata dish.

Size: 500ml