Dolce Piacere Chocolate Panettone Mignon Gluten Free


Product Description: Mini Panettone made with gluten free flour (potato, rice, buckwheat) and chocolate drops. Originally from Milan, Panettone is a traditional Italian sweet bread. Enjoyed at Christmas time, the Panettone’s distinctive tall, dome appearance is fondly recognised across Italy. Slices of Panettone are typically eaten for breakfast in Italy during the holiday season.

Producer: Dolce Piacere

Region: Lombardy

Size: 100g

Producer Info: Specialising in gluten-free Christmas cakes, Dolce Piacere products are made by one of Italy’s leading producers of gluten-free baked goods and confectionary, Nolvado. Dolce Piacere are the leaders of Italian manufacturers known for their focus on producing foods for customers with allergies and intolerances. Each gluten-free Pandoro and Panettone produced by Dolce Piacere have an authentic flavour and texture. Coeliacs shouldn’t miss out on great Panettone and they, or you, will love love love this.