Dolce Piacere Pandoro Chocolate Gluten Free


Product Description: Pandoro made with gluten free flour (potato, rice, buckwheat) and chocolate cream filling - icing sugar sachet included. Uniquely shaped as an eight-pointed star, Pandoro is a traditional Italian sweet bread originating from Verona. Pandoro, which translates to ‘golden bread’, is served at Christmas time in Italy. Enjoy a slice (or more) of Pandoro as is, with coffee or even with a glass of sweet wine.

Producer: Dolce Piacere

Region: Lombardy

Size: 500g

Producer Info: Specialising in gluten-free Christmas cakes, Dolce Piacere products are made by one of Italy’s leading producers of gluten-free baked goods and confectionary, Nolvado. Dolce Piacere are the leaders of Italian manufacturers known for their focus on producing foods for customers with allergies and intolerances. Each gluten-free Pandoro and Panettone produced by Dolce Piacere have an authentic flavour and texture. Coeliacs shouldn’t miss out on great Panettone and they, or you, will love love love this.