Del Professore Aperitivo

Producer: Del Professore

Region: Alba, Piedmonte

Producer Info:

A collaboration between Carlos Quaglia, Federico Ricatto and the famous Jerry Thomas Speakeasy bar in Rome, the del Professore range is a homage to ‘The Professor’, Jerry Thomas. These highly aromatic, unique and affordable vermouths and gins are currently used in some of the most prestigious bars in Rome, Paris and NYC.

Careful blending of fine aromatic herbs and spices with high quality base wine are the simple but sought-after ingredients for Quaglia’s formula. Both spend extended periods of time developing in oak bar- rels before being bottled under the distinctive labels.


Tasting Note:        

From the colour of ripe oranges, it gives off an intense scent of fresh citrus, sage and elderflower, improved with a gentian and other gentle bitter herbs. Intense and captivating, balanced in alcohol, it arouses harmonious final tasting notes. The Aperitif of the Professor gives a genuine and true expression of the most classic of Italian aperitives.


Alcohol (%): 15%

Size: 700ml