DC Coffee The Unplugged - Decaf

Product: Coffee Beans

A Sip with Mercato: DC doesn’t let you miss out on anything when you go decaf. The Unplugged takes your mouth on a journey to undiscovered lands with the safety of a level headed (decaffeinated) tour guide. You’ll travel through the hilltops of stone fruit, the valleys of caramel and forests of almonds. Bonus: The added aroma of melon and chocolate is like travel insurance that you didn’t have to use but was glad it was there.

Producer: DC Coffee

Product Information: Unwind, unplug and go decaf. The ‘Mountain Water Process’ for coffee decaffeination uses a water saturation method that removes the caffeine whilst keeping the coffee’s natural flavour and taste profile without the use of harmful chemicals. These low acidity, medium roast beans from Selva Negra and Nicaragua capture amazing flavour profiles to keep the taste while tossing the caffeine.

Producer Information: Coffee roasters don’t need to be edgy, have creative design flair or be a downright celebration of individual expression – but it doesn’t hurt when they do!

The team at DC Coffee approach roasting a little left of field and don’t buy into the industry norms. At their core, DC Coffee believes in the connection between coffee and culture and the emotion and excitement which encompasses both. Using only fair trade beans, DC Coffee supports the empowerment of farmers and workers in developing countries to get a better deal through fairer prices, decent working conditions and favourable terms of trade.

Size: 250g

Please note, this product is available as ground or whole coffee beans – so take your pick and enjoy the experience!