Dal Colle Panettone Sambuca


Product Description: A Pandoro filled with a tasty Sambuca liqueur cream - covered with powdered sugar. Uniquely shaped as an eight-pointed star, Pandoro is a traditional Italian sweet bread originating from Verona. Pandoro, which translates to ‘golden bread’, is served at Christmas time in Italy. Enjoy a slice (or more) of Pandoro as is, with coffee or even with a glass of sweet wine.

Producer: Dal Colle

Region: Veneto

Size: 750g 

Producer Info: Egidio Dal Colle opened a family-owned confectionary business in Cellore D’Illasi 1896. Egidio, nicknamed the ‘Yeast Wizard’, was known for using sourdough in his products – an unusual strategy for the confectionary sector. His unique idea was awarded the gold medal for best bread-making in the Milan City Fair in 1925, thus, establishing the Dal Colle brand within the confectionary sector. The company is now in its fourth generation and has further grown.  Dal Colle continue the legacy of Egidio – especially through their commitment to high-quality production. Mercato proudly offer Dal Colle to all our customers.