La Pasta di Aldo - Chitarrine with cuttlefish ink

Producer: La Pasta di Aldo

Product: Dried buckwheat pasta with cuttlefish ink

Region: Le Marche

Producer Info:

La Pasta di Aldo was founded by husband and wife team Maria Alzapiedi and Luigi Donnari in the small town of Monte San Giusto in Sunny Le Marche Italy. A combination of the first two letters of their names gives rise to the name ALDO. La Pasta di Aldo is recognisable for its bright yellow colour which is a result of the high egg to flour ratio (32% egg), a testament to its quality.

Most of the production process is done by hand. The dough is kneaded by skilled workers, cut, and slowly air dried over racks at a low temperature. Each shape of pasta is created with a unique semolina flour blend to ensure the pasta is highly porous.

La Pasta di Aldo is described as the "finest pasta in Italy" by Heston Blumenthal in his book In Search of Perfection.

Tasting note:

La Pasta di Aldo is slightly rough in texture. This is due to how porous the product is. Heston Blumenthal notes that La Pasta di Aldo pasta is "so porous that if you leave it next to cheese, it will absorb the smell". It is this characteristic that sets this pasta apart, it can absorb sauces and flavours like no other pasta can. It is full-bodied enough to stand up to robust sauces and flavours and yet light enough to not over-shadow.

Deep black in colour with a slight briney flavour thanks to the addition of cuttlefish ink. This pasta is perfectly paired with seafood sauces or with lightly sauteed fesh vegetables. We recommend serving it with seared squid, prawns and fresh tomato. 

Type: Chitarrine (buckwheat) with cuttlefish ink


Durum wheat semolina, Eggs (32%), cuttlefish ink (cuttlefish ink, salt, water) 2%

Size: 250g