Mercato made puff pastry, cigar shaped and filled with either vanilla or chocolate custard.

Our Canolli Sfoglia different to other types of canolli in that it is made with baked puff pastry rather then a deep fried dough (sfoglia translates to puff pastry) and filled with custard. 

Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter, sea salt, milk, cream, cornflour, sugar, free-range eggs, vanilla paste, Chocolate: cocoa


Except for the Mediterranean platter, all items are packaged in cardboard packaging to maintain quality - charges apply otherwise.
24 hours' notice required for orders Mon-Fri
24 Hours' notice required for cancellations
48 Hours' notice required for orders on the weekend
48 Hours' notice required for Olive Ascolane & Potato Croquettes
All Platter contents are subject to availability:
If a product is not availiable it will be substituted for a similar product
No substitutions or alterations are available for Mercato catering options
All catering orders are served cold
10% surcharge applies for orders on Public Holidays
Pick up after 10am for all catering orders