Buona Pasta Hamper
Buona Pasta Hamper Buona Pasta Hamper

Un Po'D'Italia - A little bit of Italy. 

This is the ideal gift for the home cook and wine lover in your life. It covers the Italian big hitters: a red wine with the best red fruit notes of cherry and raspberry. Classic Italian tinned tomatoes to bring the ripest and richest taste to any dish. Fettuccine and porcini mushroom risotto, all completed and complimented with truffle oil: two words I can’t look past as being ridiculously perfect for any home chef. To complete the meal and end on a sweet note, enjoy our favourite hazelnut torrone and assorted cremini.


- 2 x Agrigenus San Marzano Tomatoes 400g
- Filotea Fettucine
- Casale Risotto al Porcini
- Calvi Truffle Oil
- ATP Torrone Hazelnut bar
- Fiat Cremini Assorted
- Pandolfa Federico Sangiovese