Bottega Cioccolato Nero Liquore
Bottega Cioccolato Nero Liquore Bottega Cioccolato Nero Liquore

Producer: Bottega

Region: Veneto, Italy

Producer Info:

In the 1920’s Domenico Bottega. Distilleria Bottega has a three-generation history of people dealing with wine and grappa behind itself. In the 1920s, Domenico Bottega was a wine trader. He was a passionate oenologist and was able to recognise the best grapes when still on the vine.

In the 1950’s and 60’s, Aldo Bottega. Aldo Bottega shared his father’s passion and extended it also to grappa. He made a fruitful apprenticeship with the best master distillers in Conegliano. He learnt the secrets of a fascinating job and he then developed some innovative technical solutions among which the first single-variety grappa. His innate entrepreneurial spirit led him to set up his own distillery.

Tasting note: Scent of dark chocolate and grappa. Creamy and smooth, recalls the quintessence of chocolate

Alcohol (%) 15%