BORRILLO - Torrone Baci (Croccantino) 800g

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Producer: Borrillo

Product: Torrone Baci (Croccantino

Region: Benevento

Producer Info: 

An historic product, the crunchy bar was born in 1891 from an idea of ​​the Knight Innocenzo Borrillo who, after having worked for a few years in a famous pastry shop in Naples, decided to return to San Marco dei Cavoti and put into practice the secrets learned. Creating a product of his own. Thus was born the famous Croccantino, a bar of hazelnuts, almonds and sugar covered with dark chocolate, which gives a smile to every taste. Il Torroncino is one of the leading products of Dolciaria Borrillo. It is based on a mixture of almonds and hazelnuts, processed at high temperatures, then laid with a rolling pin on a table and cut into a rectangular shape. Then covered with dark chocolate and individually wrapped to preserve its freshness.


Produced and packaged by Dolciaria Borrillo of San Marco dei Cavoti in the province of Benevento.

Tasting note:

Almond and hazelnut bar covered with dark chocolate.

Internal ingredients: sugar, almonds  25%, hazelnuts  25%, vanillin.
Ingredients cover: sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter,  cocoa (57% min.); emulsifier: soy lecithin ; natural vanilla flavor.

Size: 44-42 pieces (800g)