BORRILLO - Torrone Baci
BORRILLO - Torrone Baci BORRILLO - Torrone Baci BORRILLO - Torrone Baci


Producer: Borrillo

Product: Torrone Baci Croccantino - Almond and hazelnut bar covered with dark chocolate.

Region: Benevento

Producer Info: 

An historic product, the crunchy bar was born in 1891 from an idea of ​​the Knight Innocenzo Borrillo who, after having worked for a few years in a famous pastry shop in Naples, decided to return to San Marco dei Cavoti and put into practice the secrets learned. Creating a product of his own. Thus was born the famous Croccantino, a bar of hazelnuts, almonds and sugar covered with dark chocolate, which gives a smile to every taste. Il Torroncino is one of the leading products of Dolciaria Borrillo. It is based on a mixture of almonds and hazelnuts, processed at high temperatures, then laid with a rolling pin on a table and cut into a rectangular shape. Then covered with dark chocolate and individually wrapped to preserve its freshness.

Size: 180G, 340G, 800G