Bonci Tronchetto (Panettone style) cake
Bonci Tronchetto (Panettone style) cake Bonci Tronchetto (Panettone style) cake

Product Description: Tuscan Panettone style leavened cake with liqueur. Il Panbriacone translates to drunken cake referring to the presence of sweet liqueur. This is a naturally leavened Panettone style cake, in a rectangular shape. This is a decadent aromatic cake that can be enjoyed all year round but is best served slightly warm with gelato. There are 3 flavours to choose from:

Limoncello: Delicious candied lemon peel accompanied by an immersion with the most classic of limonose liqueurs.

Frutta Di Bosco: The fresh taste of berries accompanied by liqueur.

Pesca & Vino: Characterized by Bonci's original recipe, the peach and wine tronchetto goes perfectly with cream, ice cream, and fresh fruit. 

Producer: Bonci

Region: Montevarchi, Tuscany 

Size: 450g

Producer Info: With a 50-year history embedded in the Tuscan town of Montevarchi, Pasticceria Bonci is a family business with an impressive reputation, and they are renowned for engaging master pastry chefs and chocolatiers to produce their cakes and sweets. Their products are adorned with the Andrea Della Robbia coat-of-arms - the head of a 15th century family whose crest is the guardian emblem of Montevarchi’s baptismal font and Sacred Milk relic. Bonci’s love for its hometown ripples through its brand identity, delightfully paying homage to Montevarchi’s history and traditions. Bonci’s products are free of preservatives and artificial flavours, and they use creativity and artisanal techniques to produce exceptional products that Mercato is very proud to stock.