BODRATO - Boero Bella di Garbagna


Producer: Bodrato

Product: Cherries coated with several milk chocolate layers and soaked in liqueur. Garbagna cherries are a variety pronounced DOP to its region. Bodrato are limited with the amount they can make each year. 

Region: Genoa

Producer Info: 

The brand Bodrato is not just a logo but a seal of uncompromising quality that encompasses their ideas, ambition and the passion that they heap in their daily work. Liberally glean from the ancient traditions of Piedmont, carefully preparing the best interpretations of classics (hazelnut bars, Boeri, Giandujotti, chocolate spreads, cremini) and experiencing contemporary delicious innovations (Spices chocolate bars, Matcha tea pralines, Maldon Salt cremini). Only using the best raw materials available on the market such as the Garbagna Cherries, the Piedmont IGP Hazelnuts, the Mint of Pancalieri. 

Products are made in small batches to ensure the maximum freshness and flavor of the finished product, taking care of every detail of the production and storage of raw materials.

Tasting notes: 

It is a sweet and crunchy cherry, beautifully preserved in alcohol maintaining its consistency and flavours.


Cover: Dark chocolate (cocoa min. 58%), cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: SOYA lecithin, natural vanilla flavor. Filling:whole cherry with pit, grappa and brown sugar


Size: 200g (10 pieces)

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