Bellini Panettone 1kg

New to the range is Panettone Bellini, which is filled peach and Prosecco cream and dotted with pieces of peach. Perfect to enjoy on all special occasions!

Producer: Pasticceria Scarpato

Product: Bellini Panettone

Producer Info: 

For the production of the Panettone Scarpato it takes 4 days of calm, patience, care and respect for natural cycles. Everything originates from our Mother Yeast that is refreshed every day, 3 times a day. Then proceed with the mixture and the addition of high quality basic ingredients (eggs, flour, butter, raisins, candied fruit, etc.). Once ready, the dough is placed in the Pirottini to be cooked. As soon as it comes out of the oven, the panettone is turned upside down and left to rest. The 4th day we proceed with wrapping and packaging.

Tasting note:

Naturally leavened panettone filled with peach and Prosecco cream, with pulp of white peach.


Size: 1kg