Baliva Ferrochina

Producer: Baliva

Region: Rome, Lazio

Producer Info: Created in Rome in 1894 by Dr. Ernesto Baliva. Ferro-China Baliva is a traditional Italian Ferro-China Amaro – and a very versatile cocktail ingredient too.

Tasting note: Ferro-China was considered a miraculous health tonic with digestive properties, a supplement for blood, and a cure for malaria. In fact, back in the day, Italian mothers used to give their children whipped egg yolks mixed with Ferro-China, or a spoonful of Ferro-China together with a cube of sugar, each day, to build them up.

The belief was that the iron diluted in alcohol was better absorbed by the body, and the quinine content of cinchona bark guarded against malaria.

Alcohol (%): 21%