Strega Alberti Baba with Strega
Strega Alberti Baba with Strega Strega Alberti Baba with Strega Strega Alberti Baba with Strega

Producer: Strega Alberti

Product: Baba cakes soaked in Rhum syrup

Region: Benevento, Campania

Producer Info: 

Strega Alberti’s roots stretch back to 1860 in Benevento with the creation by the founder Giuseppe Alberti, together with his apothecarist father, of a recipe for a herb–based liqueur. The name is drawn from the myth of the Witches of Benevento and the love potion legends: Strega Liqueur. 

In addition to the liqueur which made it famous, Strega Alberti today produces a wide range of specialty products, from liqueurs to confectionery, with the same care, quality and attention to detail for which they have always been known.

Tasting Note:
Babas are mushroom shaped yeast cakes soaked in hard liqueur and sugar. Made with a similar dough to Brioche, these cakes are left to leaven three times before baking to ensure a light, fluffy, cloud-like constancy. These babas are soaked in an aromatic Strega syrup. They are best served with lashings of cream or vanilla bean gelato. It is recommended that you turn the jar upside down before opening to ensure all cakes are fully covered in the liquor. 

Size: 750g

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