Producer: B.Langhe 

Product: Panettone Glazed

Region: Alba, Piemonte 

Producer Info: 

B. Langhe began a long time ago, far from the bright lights, in the shelter of an artisan laboratory, where the secrets of the art of confectionery are handed down through the generations. B. Langhe was a small biscuit manufacturer with a street-front in one of the central streets of Alba. It was above all tanacity and the will to work, creativity and entrepreneurial courage that led this little workshop to become a very solid company which exports its products worldwide.

Tasting note:

Prepared with slow processing and natural leavening, rich in raisins and candied fruit. The final touch: a crunchy hazelnut icing. Only a dessert can worthily evoke the uniqueness of Christmas and the atmosphere of harmony and sweetness that accompanies the festivity. The Panettone has always been the undisputed protagonist of the Christmas meetings. From a slow processing, as much as the tradition wants, our Panettone take shape.


Size: 750g