ATP Elit Torroncino
ATP Elit Torroncino ATP Elit Torroncino

Producer: Antica Torroneria Piemontese

Product: Soft nougat coated in flavoured chocolate glaze - flavours include orange, vanilla, cocao and cedro citron

Region: Piemonte, Italy

Producer Info: 

Since 1885 Giuseppe Sebaste has created pastries of excellence all inspired by the PGI Piedmontese Hazelnut. His family, now in its fifth generation, continues to tell passionate tales: the passion for an ancient profession, the love for the native land, the appreciation of the fruits of the land.

Most of their production staff have a long term experience of over 20 years and the new generations inherit their expertise and pride. The expert eye and passion of our lab technicians will never be replaced, so much so that the machinery we use for production is conceived, designed, patented and built by them in order to see their work as in a large pastry laboratory.

Size: 160g