Suitable for all occasions

Serves approx 12 people

contains the following products:


Borgo Casalingo Salame
Parma Prosciutto
Champagne Ham
Bertocchi Mortadella Plain
Provolone Piccantino
Grana Padano 18 month
La Vera Cocktail Bocconcini
Green Sicilian Olives
Grilled Sliced Mushrooms


Except for the Antipasto & cheese platters, all items are packaged in cardboard packaging to maintain quality - charges apply otherwise.
24 hours' notice required for orders Mon-Fri
24 Hours' notice required for cancellations
48 Hours' notice required for orders on the weekend
48 Hours' notice required for Olive Ascolane & Potato Croquettes
All Platter contents are subject to availability:
If a product is not availiable it will be substituted for a similar product
No substitutions or alterations are available for Mercato catering options
All catering orders are served cold
10% surcharge applies for orders on Public Holidays
Pick up after 10am for all catering orders