Producer: A. Mano


Region: Bari, Puglia

Producer Info: Mano (meaning handmade) is the labour of love of the incredibly energetic and enthusiastic American winemaker, Mark Shannon and partner, Elvezia Sbalchiero. Mark has spent decades developing relationships with many old-time growers, learning and embracing their traditions and applying a winning combination of technology, passion and common sense, to best express what Puglia has to offer. Mark says, “in our wines, you will always be able to taste the grapes and the vineyard they come from – in my mind, this is the true meaning of terroir.”


Tasting Note: A Mano Rosato is immediately enjoyable, then offers wave upon wave of flavours that evolve with time in the glass. Exotic tropical fruit aromas and a hint of crystallised ginger are followed by rich, lush citrus flavours and combine with creamy fruit to balance the vibrant acidity. The Primitivo grape contributes a blackberry character and the Aleatico has ripe peach and tropical aromas to add complexity.


Alcohol (%): 13%