2020 Roccafiore Grechetto Bianco Fiordaliso

Producer: Cantina Roccafiore

Grape: 100% Grechetto di Todi – G5 clone, from Sustainable Farming

Region: Umbria, Italy

Producer Info: Roccafiore is a microcosm comprised of people capable of giving form to an idea as palpable as the passion by which they are fed. And in the cellar – just like in the vineyard – there is a full perception of this contagious enthusiasm.

Producing wine is an art and like any art, it requires technical expertise but also inspiration. Leonardo and his son Luca know this all too well, hence the relationship with the land that inspires them is not borne of nostalgia but of respect of and pride in their identity and the values that are found in the wines, to their great satisfaction.

The philosophy of this young and ambitious company is summed up in the idea that wine is not merely a consumer product but a complex distillate of flavours, suggestions and experiences that stamp the wine with the markings of its creators. With the same strong and distinctive character, rich in nuance.

Tasting note: Intense aromas of exotic white florals, ripe grapefruit and bittersweet apple pulp on the nose. Perfect for antipasto and light pasta and seafood dishes.

Growing System: Guyot

Production: The grapes are gently destemmed and pressed, the must naturally decants for 12/24 hours and the fermentation takes place with wild yeast in stainless steel tank, where temperatures are strictly controlled.

Alcohol (%) 12.5%