Producer: Marolo

Grape: Nebbiolo

Pronunciation: ‘Bar-oh-loh’

Region: Piemonte

Producer Info:

Paolo Marolo has been distilling grappa for more than 35 years, using his own hands to craft spirit of the highest quality. Paolo’s friendly nature is infectious, and his love of his work as ‘maestro grappaiolo’ is as unquestionable as the class of his product. Perhaps it is this character that means names such as Conterno, Revello, Vajra, Oddero, Sandrone, Elio Altare and others deal exclusively with Paolo, supplying him with the freshest and highest quality marc from which he crafts his remarkable spirits. This, the depth of the range and the evocative packaging are likely to create a cult following.

Tasting note:

The base is a several-year-old Barolo wine and therefore very mellow. It is enriched with a hydro-alcoholic infusion (2.2%) of herbs, roots, barks and natural spices with the addition of 15% sugar. It is aged 2 years in 60 gallon barriques. Maestro Paolo Marolo works with about 40 different ingredients, but the main botanical component is the chincona bark, known as quinine. Great as a digestivoand as an accompaniment to chocolate desserts (and ice cream). It is also an appealing aperitif.

Ageing: 2 years in barrique

Alcohol: 16.5%